Carina Brandt

Literary Agent and CEO

Carina (Gothenburg, Sweden, 1972),the firstborn,was followed,in short order,by three brothers. School was a pleasure, and her love of reading, cooking and sport was only matched by her hatred of bullies. Still, she dreamt of adventure, in books and life. Learning, or rather, living Spanish at the Basque University of San Sebastian was like home coming. Although she graduated in SPanish Philology and Comparative Literature from the University of Lund, hes studies also included spells at the Autonomus University of Barcelona and Gothenburg University. Her love of Spain brought her back to Barcelona, where she was lucky to be hired by the old-established publishers, Paidós, at first as a general dogsbody and then, after six months, as the public relations officer for the academic imprints and authors. From there, she was lured away to become an editor and project initiator at Edicions de l'Eixample, a wonderful studio and publishing house for art projects, catalogues and sumptuous coffee.table books. Moving to Edicions 62, the largest Catalan publishing group, she joined the Special Book team as an editor and project initiator until she was again headhunted to join the Barcelona literary agency, Pontas, with the mission of establishing a roaster of Scandinavian authors. Her networking skills and love of literature ensured that she soon began to build a reputation that was echoed in the Scandinavian Press. Still adventurous, Carina decided the time had come to strike out on her own. Her unique knowledge of the Scandinavian, Spanish and Catalan publishing markets, gathered over many years, was the spur to set up a literary film agency, Brandt New Agency, which will specialize in Scandinavian and International literature. Internationally, Carina played no small part in recognizing the talent of the Swedish author, Jonas Jonasson, and ensuring the best-selling success of his debut novel. On a personal level, her happiness at living in Barcelona was completed by marriage to Roger in 2000 and the arrival of two wonderful children, Felix and Hannah.