Mattias Boström

From Holmes to Sherlock

Mattias Boström (Kolsva, Sweden, 1971) is one of the leading Scandinavian experts on Sherlock Holmes. In 2007, he was elected a member of the world’s most prestigious Sherlock Holmes society, the Baker Street Irregulars, and was awarded their highest prize for his writings on Holmes in 2009 (the second European to receive it since the 1950s). Boström has worked in the publishing industry for many years: he was an editor of the translations of Stephen Fry’s novels in the early 90s, and also became a production director. He has written more than twenty books and essays on a variety of subjects, mostly nonfiction. In sum, he is one of the most creative and active persons on the current Swedish book scene.

In September 2013, his highly acclaimed work, From Holmes to Sherlock, was published in Sweden by Piratförlaget. It chronicles the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of the creation and growth of the Holmes myth. The same year, the book was shortlisted for the Stora Fackbokspriset, one of the most important nonfiction prizes in Sweden.

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