Erik Granström, born in 1956, is a Swedish author residing in Uppsala near Stockholm. He is a trained vet and worked for many years as head communications manager at the Swedish firm MySQL. He achieved prominence as a fantasy writer, starting as the writer of storylines for the role-playing game, Dragons and Demons, in the 1990s. This included Brimstone Sleep, which would re-emerge in 2004 as a novel in its own right. Following this he has written two more novels about the fantasy empire of Trachoria, All Little Butchers and Deeds of Wrath. The series has been praised by critics and Granström has a loyal following, connecting with the author via his active blog and the world he has created. He is currently regarded as one of the foremost high fantasy authors in the Nordic countries and his works have often been compared to Game of Thrones. Granström’s publisher, Coltso, specializes in quality fantasy and science fiction and is an imprint of the publisher Ersatz. His stablemates include Nick Perumov, Max Frei and Andrzej Sapowski, all of whom have achieved significant international success and have been adapted for global television and gaming audiences.