Mats Lerneby

The Deserter

Mats Lerneby (Gothernburg, Sweden, 1972) works as a reporter and researcher for Swedish Public Television and also produces longer reports and leading articles for Swedish daily newspapers such as Göteborgs-Posten and Expressen and leading magazines (Filter, Offside) on numerous subjects; new energies, euthanasia, football and fan culture in Italy, and life on the Eastern European highways. He is also involved in researching and producing international documentary films.

Lerneby’s essay, Disamore – power, mafia, and football (Forum, 2010), received widespread praise: a wonderful but terrifying portrait of the contrasts in Italy, where the best and worst meet, united by their love of football. He is currently working on new essays and longer reports as well as on a documentary film about the economic aspects of European football.

His first novel, The Deserter, is a thrilling suspense novel set between Sweden and Italy, with amazing characters and surroundings, and set in the worlds of trafficking, the mafia, politics, and journalism. The Deserter was published in spring 2016 by Skabetti books and agency. The author is now writing his next novel, with the working title of The Messenger.