Sara Paborn (Sölvesborg, Sweden, 1972) wrote her first novel at the age of sixteen, inspired by the atmosphere of Woody Allen’s movie Radio Days. Never doubting that she would one day become an author, she wrote poetry, short stories and music-reviews for the local newspaper for many years. Her first attempts to get her novels published were all rejected, so she taught copywriting and worked for different advertising agencies. After the birth of her second child, she quit her job and sold her summerhouse in order to write full time. The result was her publishing debut and breakthrough novel Family Fever, which was well-received by the critics and found success among readers. Sara’s second novel The Rooster and the Sea, received the same praise.
In March 2015 her third novel One Way or Another (En eller annan väg), a coming-of-age story reminiscent of the 1980s, was published. It’s a story about freedom, changing positions and a certain talent for reinventing yourself and creating your own luck. A road movie about leaving fear behind and attacking life.

And finally in 2017 published her fourth novel Blybröllop (Swinging the Lead). A humorous and sharp depiction of a mature woman's path to freedom. A surprising drama about marriage, a tribute to the imagination and an entertaining story about a poisoner.

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