Ingrid Elfberg (1958) was born and raised in Östersund, northern Sweden, but has lived with her family in Gothenburg, the main setting of her stories, for 25 years. Before becoming an author, Ingrid’s creativity and skill in creating non-linear narratives were expressed in her work with interactive media and as an art director. Her literary career took off when she won the Swedish Ballograf Prize for her short story The Storm in 2004.

Using intelligent and highly-visual language, Ingrid Elfberg’s crime novels plunge us into the depths of the human psyche and explore the true forces behind human behavior. Drawing on her everyday surroundings, Elfberg follows in the tradition of successful Swedish crime writers such as Karin Alvtegen and Inger Frimansson.

In addition to writing her own novels, Ingrid teaches creative writing at the Swedish Writers’ Academy.

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