Olivia Shabb is a Lebanese-American clinical psychologist and debut writer. She was born in Houston, Texas, and moved to Lebanon with her family in 1991, a year after the country’s civil war ended. She grew up between urban Beirut and her grandfather’s village in the rural North, which inspired the setting for her novel. In both psychology and in writing, she explores trauma, loss, identity, gender dynamics, relationships and sexuality, as well as the interplay between the light and shadow sides of the human psyche.

For most of her life Olivia Shabb has been writing and painting in different forms, including poetry and illustrated children’s books. She earned her BA from Harvard University, her doctorate in clinical psychology from PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium, and completed her fellowship at New York University. Publications to date include writing for the Let’s Go travel guide series (Southern Spain and Portugal, 2005), and, more recently, academic publications in the fields of public health and clinical psychology. 

The author currently lives between the United Kingdom and Beirut with her husband Marwan. She will shortly join the American University of Beirut Medical Center as a clinical psychologist.

May a Strained Thing Snap is her fictional debut.