Anna Jörgensdotter

Standing in Solidarity

Anna Jörgensdotter (Sandviken, Sweden, 1973) has been one of Sweden's most praised prose authors and poets since her debut with Pappa Pralinin 2002. She has received the prestigious Ivar Lo Award for her novel Bergets döttrar (2010) and the Stig Sjödin Award for Livfjädrar. Kvinnornas Sandviken(2012). Her recent novel, Standing in Solidarity (2018) received the Moa Martinson Award, Tidningen Vi Award, Sara Lidman Award and the Norrlands Literary Award, which stated:  

“With a nice tempo, separate perspectives and well-grounded in 1930s political history, Anna Jörgensdotter tells the story of Gävle, a working town in northern Sweden, the Spanish Revolution and the  International Brigade volunteers fighting with the Spanish Republicans against Fascism and Franco. Standing in Solidarity is a novel about the people who fight for a better life, while also speaking of moments, love and the lack of room for maneuver and powerlessness due to the state of affairs. In the midst of the story we follow Ingemar and Conxa, who incarnate the struggle for better living conditions wherever oppression appears.”