Heartbeat in Rosepike




The winds of change are blowing over Rosepike. When Farbod opens a small health clinic in the village it triggers a chain reaction of enterprising activity. The shop is renovated, a preschool is started and suddenly there are more weddings than funerals in Rosepike. Hallelujah – it’s about time!
Farbod's passionate belief in the village inspires everyone. Or almost everyone. Tessan feels rather neglected. Her restaurant is temporarily closed due to a water leak, Farbod is more absorbed by the clinic than by Tessan, and all her daughter Marta wants to do is to hang out at the Smörkulla library with Charlotte, the landlord.
The fact that Bror and Flatan, both brokenhearted, have moved into the station house could perhaps have softened Tessan's feelings of abandonment. But the heartsick couple spend most of their time on the sofa, making plans of their own. It's not until Tessan finds an all-too-familiar name in a restaurant guide that she has something new to think about. A thought which, translated into action, fundamentally changes her life.
Heartbeat in Rosepike is the fourth and last novel about Tessan, Rosepike and its inhabitants. It’s a warm-hearted story about the importance of translating French songs, mending broken hearts, seeking one’s origins and finding home after all.