The Witch and the Lily is the first installment in The Time Twins, an exciting, new historical science fiction series for young adult readers. Twins Max and Marie are 13 years old when they are thrown into the world of time travel, where they meet some of history's most famous people and experience the eras in which they lived and worked. In the first book, they meet Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli in dirty but vivid 16th century Florence. Entertaining, fast-paced and informative reading - an adventure through time and space.
When Max and Marie receive a video message from their nanny and good friend Amanda, saying that she needs their urgent help, they immediately head out from school to her apartment. But once there, they find nothing but Amanda’s cell phone, which contains instructions on how to use the phone to travel through time and space. And their mission is to travel to 16th century Florence and find Leonardo da Vinci, the only person who can save Amanda, who is in great danger. Seconds after dialing the correct number on the phone, the twins are transported to another dimension, just as armed men break into the room.
The year is 1504, and the twins find themselves on the road to Florence. By befriending a local family, they manage to get inside the city walls. After a breathtaking adventure involving slave hunters, they eventually find da Vinci. The scholar reveals his fascinating story: he knows about time travel and travelled to the future himself as a six-years-old, bringing a robot raven named Argus back with him. He is also a friend of Amanda’s and has received a message from her, saying that she is incarcerated in the grimmest cell of the city’s darkest prison, accused of witchcraft and scheduled to be burned at the stake in the main square.
It will take all da Vinci’s inventiveness and the twins’ courage to save Amanda and then travel back to their own time.