Fifth Conflux Series

Erik Granström




Published by Coltso (Ersatz), Sweden
Genre: high fantasy

Titles in the series:

Brimstone Sleep, 2011, 576 pages,
original title: Svavelvinter

All Little Butchers, 2011, 656 pages
Original title: Slaktare små

Deeds of Wrath, 2014, 584 pages
Original title: Vredesverk

Wanderland, 2016, 570 pages
Original title: Vanderland

Swedish critics have praised the Fifth Conflux series and the books continue to find new readers. The tale begins when Colonel Praanz da Kaelve is sent to investigate a ship that has supposedly smuggled weapons to the sulfur island of Marjura. The Colonel’s crew is an odd group that includes a dragon hunter with a burnt face. During the trip, the Colonel soon begins to feels that more is at stake than a small uprising on the island. The holy mountain of Ranz whispers that the mysterious Conflux, an astronomical event crucial to the future, is approaching. At the same time, immortal forces are awakening under the ice of Marjura. These events will lead to an army of the undead taking over the island, a dragon being forced to become a slave, and the immortal magician Shagul rising from his crypt. When the magician at last returns to Trachoria after one hundred years, he strives to keep the secret of the forthcoming Fifth Conflux to himself at any cost. However, an unexpected company of heroes will form to seek revenge according to the prophecies, including Colonel Praanz da Kaelve, the dragon hunter and a wind witch. At the same time, Trachoria’s neighbor and archenemy, Ransard, is gathering forces to attack the realm, where political tensions weaken the country from within. As the Trachorian empire is near collapse and the Fifth Conflux approaches, the central characters are all drawn back to the polar isle of Marjura where the saga began. Their mission is to avert disaster by stopping Shagul’s plans for world domination and let the seismic and godly course of events that constitutes the conflux come about. In the end, the magician Shagul and his lust for freedom stands against the will of the gods, but he sees himself overpowered and chooses to be lifted from the pages of the world, rather than conform to a tale written by others.

The Fifth Conflux series is an epic tale full of philosophical and political twists and turns. Granström’s dark and enchanting universe evokes names such as Nick Perumov, George RR Martin, and Ursula K Leguin. The upcoming publication of Wanderland, the fourth book about the world of Trachoria, concludes the series.