The rulers of the Trachorian empire suspect that their vital brimstone colony on the island of Marjura is under threat from forces within after they uncover rumours of weapons being smuggled. One of the saga’s most important characters, Colonel Praanz da Kaelve, takes on the mission to restore order on the island at the edge of the polar ice, all the while hunted by an unseen enemy. A ship has been readied and a crew gathered as a matter of urgency. Among them is Arn Dunkelbrink, a man left with a disfigured face and with a personal vendetta to pursue amongst the polar ice. On the way the General begins to realise that his mission is more complicated than he first suspected. The mystical meeting of time and space that lets people change history and fate – the fifth conflux – is nearing. Under the ice sheets of Marjura powerful forces are stirring and the evil sorcerer Shagul has risen from his grave, where he had been presumed dead for fifty years. Who are the monks seeking the mysteries of immortality out in Marjura’s icy wastes? And what is really behind the words ‘Brimstone Winter’, the apparent codename for the secret uprising?