Trachoria’s arch-enemy Ransard threatens the empire, which has been torn apart by internal strife. Praanz da Kaelve, living as an outlaw in the wilderness after being duped by the imperial couple and subject to a failed assassination, is given an unexpected chance to gain revenge over his own enemies. Meanwhile, a two-hundred year spell is lifted from the island of Stegos at Trachoria’s edge. Until now nobody had been able to leave the island, but with water and air open once again the dragon hunter Arn Dunkelbrink can finally seek his beloved, the wind witch Silvia Miranda. As it turns out, she is peacefully roaming the seas on the magical Tree of Irminsul together with a divine cockerel, Koklai. Soon it becomes clear that the tree is calling out to magical beings, gathering them to save the fateful conflux from the plans of Shagul. Will the wind witch and her troop of unlikely heroes be strong enough to win the battle for the conflux?