The Trachorian empire is falling as it is forced to cede one of its islands to its arch enemy. A civil war has been averted, but the new emperor is paranoid and unreliable. The fifth conflux is nearing and the main characters return to the polar isle of Marjura where the saga began to try and either protect the conflux or manipulate it for their own ends. The sorcerer Shagul rules the island as counsel to the confused and undead king Ottar, but he has several powerful enemies who wish to stop him. There is Gobrugda, the only survivor of a group of apprentices the sorcerer had murdered, Arn Dunkelbrink, Praanz da Kaelve, and the wind witch Silvia Miranda. In the twisting and breathtaking conclusion to the Fifth Conflux series all will meet in the mission to try and avert disaster by stopping Shagul’s plans for world domination, and let the seismic and godly course of events that constitutes the conflux come about. In the end, the magician Shagul and his lust for freedom stands against the will of the gods, but he sees himself overpowered and chooses to be lifted from the pages of the world, rather than conform to a tale written by others.