Next Stop Rosepike!




Thirteen-year old Francophile Bror has all Serge Gainsbourg’s records, but not a single friend. At night he listens to his parents’ muted arguments about getting a divorce through the bedroom wall. His family is all Bror has, and he has to save it! He pretends he’s going to an imaginary sailing summer camp so that his parents can have a whole month to themselves in the hope they will reconcile. Now, all Bror has to do is find somewhere to go for the next month!

Tessan is a twenty-nine-year old woman trapped by a bad relationship and the skewed expectations of others – even her mother patronizes her! She devours cookbooks like other people read novels, but spends her days serving instant mashed potato at the hot-dog stand instead of cooking fantastic dishes for gourmets. She wants something more from life, but how can she get it?

Jane is an eccentric sixty-year old who cares for small animals and flings her doors wide open to those in need. Thanks to Jane’s magical touch, Bror and Tessan meet at her house in the center of Stockholm.
Together, they take off to Jane’s long-forgotten family home of Rosepike in the Swedish countryside, a journey that will change their lives forever.

Next stop Rosepike! is a story about unconditional, unconventional friendship unfettered by age, history or class and about how one man’s worst nightmare is somebody else’s perfect solution, about delicious food and the joy of cooking. The first in a series of novels about the idyllic village of Rosepike and the people who live there.