In Case Of Fire




Tessan and her goat Bella have moved into the dilapidated old station building in the idyllic little village of Rosepike. The wallpaper is peeling and the mortar crumbling, but Tessan’s determination to transform the rickety old house into a cozy village inn is sufficient to overcome all obstacles. Meanwhile she has to cope with all the spackling and painting while testing out her hearty wild boar stews.

Jonny, the couch potato, spends his time alone lounging on his sofa watching documentaries through his 3D glasses. His life fell apart when he failed his physical. Now he’s reduced to doing the paperwork in the little village’s on-call fire station.

Rafael, dressed in fluttering black Armani, descends from the train one day. Tremendously elegant and trailing an alluring scent redolent of secrets, decadence and adventure, he moves into Smörkulla, the village’s large estate. Is he the new Lord of the Manor?

This stand-alone continuation of Next Stop Rosepike! is a tale about passion, fear and having the courage to break free from old patterns.