Spring Pursuits




Tessan’s got it all: her own restaurant, a baby – with several potential father-figures −, a talkative goat and amorous glances from a rich landowner. Tessan isn’t complaining – far from it. But running the restaurant by herself − doing the cooking, washing up and the books – and worrying about her finances isn’t really compatible with being a good mother.

Tessan wishes she could get some help. Preferably from someone who doesn’t need paying. Suddenly two people turn up in the village offering exactly what Tessan wants. It’s great, of course, but Tessan can’t really understand why they’re doing this for her. When she finally finds out, her life and the lives of Rosepike’s inhabitants are turned upside down.

The third book in the series about Tessan and her life in the idyllic village of Rosepike is about romance, finding true love, and resolving problems with parents. The author touches on topics as diverse as Sweden’s immigration politics, the rights of women and homosexuals in Iran, tantric sex for retirees and wild boar hunts, all tied together by Emma Hamberg’s warm, humorous voice.