Skabetti Books and Agency, Sweden 2016, 325 pages
Original Swedish working title: Desertören
Genre: suspense fiction

In the raffling and entertaining intrigue novel The Deserter we meet Erik Gallpol, a freelance journalist from Gothenburg. Eric is divorced and heading towards his forties and into bitterness. He has shared custody of his daughters and is still emotionally paralized by the divorce. He muses over his past, his relationships his shortcomings, the weather and the boring articles he’s missioned to do.Until one day, when he’s asked to write a piece on a missing girl leading him to Rome and Italy, a place he knows well and where he has good connections and friends. And Lazio, his favourite team.

But, things aren’t going as easy as planned. When he starts asking around, it seems he’s dealing with a case of slave trafficking and illegal immigration. Dangerous stuff, the Italian police says. And Erik, through a mysterious and beautiful woman, starts to understand that his personal destiny seams to be part of the problem… with connections to the Second World War, Italian Camorra and his own family. When the smoke cleared something has happened with Erik Gallpol. He’s turned in to somebody else.

The Deserter is a colorful, entertaining and original suspense novel set between Sweden and Italy, filled with contrast and impressions. The charming journalist Erik Gallpol’s professional adventure turns personal and he looses control of the surprising situations presented to him…