Brombergs Förlag, 2009, Sweden, 230 pages

Original Swedish title: Släktfeber

Genre: literary fiction

After racking up at 107 years, the family aunt dies and the close family meet up for the funeral and the reading of the will. However, now that the strongest personality in the family has died, the status quo between the remaining family members has changed and for a few hot summer weeks, life in the countryside is turned upside-down.

The spoils – from the tiniest knitted placemat to her beautiful gold ring – are divided up sitting around a shaggy old hammock. Old memories, and some unforgotten slights, resurface. Feeling despised, ignored and on edgy, the family all lick their unhealed wounds. Slowly, another feeling starts to grow between them. A feeling of connection and belonging. Perhaps reconciliation is possible after all…

Family Fever  is an enjoyable, hilarious and absurd story about a family and the old saying that blood is thicker than water.