The Rooster And The Sea

Sara Paborn




Brombergs Förlag, Sweden 2011, 302 pages

Original Swedish title: Tuppen och havet

Genre: literary fiction

On a harsh, barren island on the south west coast of Sweden, famous for its rusty canoes and the white lighthouse, the usual calm is rudely interrupted by a Mexican rooster who wakes all the islanders at dawn. To solve the problem and end the infernal noise, they decide to catch a mysterious wild white mink said to live on the island, since it’s known that minks eat birds. Even though everybody has ended up on the island in search of peace and calm – and silence – the intrigue tightens and everyone gets involved in one way or another.

The Rooster and the Sea is a poetic, suggestive, comic story about the search for freedom and who you really are. The question is whether the characters are able to shut out the world or if they need each other to find themselves?