One Way Or Another

Sara Paborn




Brombergs Förlag, Sweden, 2015, 195 pages
Original Swedish title: En eller annan väg
Genre: fiction

In a small Swedish village on a hot summer’s afternoon in 1987, a midnight blue Jaguar drives up and stops in the yard where seventeen-old Frida is sunbathing. It’s her elder sister, Marissa, who everybody says is a painter of genius, returning after seven years away. She brings with her an Italian boyfriend, a turtle painted with nail polish and a black Madonna which might be valuable.

Using their urgent need for money as a pretext, the two sisters and the boyfriend set off on a road trip through Europe searching for Marissa’s old art teacher. Maybe he can tell them more about the Madonna. Gradually, the journey also becomes a trip into the past: the pain and joy of their shared childhood. Is it really the black Madonna that fascinates them or do the sisters really want to discover more about each other.

One Way or Another is a literary road movie, an adventure and a story about personal growth and sisterhood. The relationship between the extrovert, artistic, bohemian Marissa, who has stopped painting, and the pensive little sister Frida, who is afraid of growing up, develops into a drama about trying to find oneself, about art, music, trust and the will to live life to the full. A beautiful story told with all the unique humor of Sara Paborn.