Excuse Me, But Your Soul Just Died

Danny Wattin




Piratförlaget, Sweden, 2005, 250 pages
Original Swedish title: Ursäkta, men din själ dog nyss
Genre: fiction

It is egg banking day and business as usual in the schoolyard of Paradize high. Moans are coming from Reproduction Square, young female students are getting ready for the ovary deposit ceremony, and the Angelinas are flipping through their catalogues in search for new celebrities to make babies with. There is no way Benjamin Albert Bonkenstein, half-Einstein, could possibly know that his whole life is about to dramatically change. A sequence of events that start when he initiates a relationship with a genetically superior upper-class girl and ends in a web of murder, lies and beauty ideals so extreme they risk ruining the foundation for all human life

Excuse Me, But Your Soul Just Died is a story about the need for compassion in an age of extreme individualism. Using the quickly growing development and commercialization of reproductive technology as a starting point, Danny Wattin paints a picture of a world in which we have sacrificed what we need in order to get what we want. It is a society not so unlike our own; one where brokers sell IVY-league eggs to the highest bidder, Nobel-prize winning sperm is found online, and pregnancies are outsourced to poor people in foreign lands.

So welcome to a brave and beautiful new world. A place where ugliness is evil, children a human right and love only can be found by those willing to risk everything else