See You in the Desert

Danny Wattin




Piratförlaget, Sweden, 2007, 250
Original Swedish title: Vi ses i öknen
Genre: fiction

Adam Anderzon’s life is the definition of troublesome. His boss constantly wants him to work overtime, his girlfriend feels neglected and must be placated with expensive designer clothes, his parents demand grandchildren, and his prospective parents-in-law feel he’s simply just not good enough. Finally, the precarious balance can no longer be sustained, and Adam’s life falls to pieces. He has however one life-line left, his late uncle Anton’s peculiar last will, which Adam decides to follow to the letter. A decision that will turn the young man’s life upside down and throw him head-first into a remarkable world he did not even know existed – where the line between what is real and what is not seems to have been completely erased.

See You in the Desert is a story about the sacrifices we make in order to keep up with our rapidly changing world. It is a tale about shameful family secrets, holier-than-thou politicians, repulsive mothers-in-laws, sexually frustrated life-style-oholics and cats suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. But it is also a love story and an account of an office slave’s attempts to restore the balance in a world that is getting crazier by the minute.