Stockholm Tales

Danny Wattin




Piratförlaget, Sweden, 2006, 178 pages
Original Swedish title: Stockholmssägner
Genre: fiction

Disgruntled beyond belief, Death is observing Sweden’s capital city from his computer screen. It’s business as usual: God’s too busy drinking to pay attention to the ills of the world, the Surgeon-of-stretched-skins is carving out the latest Beauty Ideal and the monkeys at the local zoo are getting ready for yet another big night on the town. The Grim Reaper’s melancholy is made no better by the fact that he really ought be somewhere else, as his best friend, Desire the dog, can’t help pointing out to him.

In his debut short-story collection Stockholm Tales Danny Wattin takes the reader on a delightfully deranged roller-coaster ride through life in the modern world. Making our way from Death’s shabby two-cubicle office, we follow the fate of some twenty individuals in their desperate search for youth, wealth, virility and happiness.