The Erik Winter Series

Åke Edwardson




In 1997, Åke Edwardson introduced crime Superinten­dent Erik Winter in Dans med en ängel (Death Angels). It was the first novel of a series consisting of 12 titles so far which have Winter as the main character and the city of Gothenburg as the main scenario. Richly evo­cative of mid-nineties South London and Gothenburg, Sweden, Death Angels is a brilliant opening to a mesmerizing series that has become a phenomenon in international crime fiction. The books about Erik Winter has become TV detective stories with Johan Gry as Superintendent Winter.

In 2018, Albert Bonniers will publish Edwardson’s 25th novel, about a man in search of his missing daughter in Southeast Asia while he reflects upon his life.

Swedish titles in the series:
Marconi Park (2013)
Hus vid världens ände (2012)
Den sista vintern (2008)
Nästan död man (2007)
Vänaste land (2006)
Rum nummer 10 (2005)
Segel av sten (2002)
Himlen är en plats på jorden (2001)
Låt det aldrig ta slut (2000)
Sol och skugga (1999)
Rop på långt avstånd (1998)
Dans med en ängel (1997)